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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The arrival of Star Wars: Between*Wars by John White

A panel from the brilliant web
comic Between*Wars by John White

Some readers will be familiar with the work of John White, the man behind one of my favourite websites, Star Wars Age 9.

John is a gifted artist – and was, even as a nine-year-old, when he saw Star Wars on its first release in Ireland. 

That trip to the cinema inspired John to start creating his own comic strip adaptation of the film. I’m sure many children started a similar project (I think I did), but John had a good deal more talent than most of us. And what's more, he saw his project through to completion. Luckily, he came across the comic again as an adult and put it online, adding a very funny and insightful commentary to it along the way.

Our hero, Jack, finally finds
himself in the queue for
Star Wars in Between*Wars
The experience of re-discovering the comic has also inspired John to create a  wonderful new web comic called Between*Wars.  It’s the tale of two boys having fun in rural Ireland, recreating World War II and having adventures, mostly of the imaginary kind.

In several installments of Between*Wars, there have been references to the imminent arrival of Star Wars. And in the latest episode, the film finally arrives. Its arrival does not disappoint.

John has been a generous supporter of my blog, and gave it a much-needed visual overhaul a while back.  I’d urge anyone who remembers Star Wars the first time around to head over to Between*Wars and enjoy memories of the day Star Wars changed their world.

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