Friday, 29 December 2017

December 27, 1977: Star Wars is released in London

Star Wars reaches London, December 1977

Forty years ago, the world-conquering release of Star Wars continued with its arrival in London. Episode Nothing considers that milestone in the Star Wars story.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Will the original, unaltered 1977 Star Wars ever be released on Blu-ray?

The approach to Yavin, as seen in the 1977 cut of Star Wars

With Christmas upon us, there is one gift that legions of first generation fans want but seem destined never to get. The original, unaltered, 1977 cut of Star Wars on Blu-ray or DVD.

Today, we consider whether we'll ever see Star Wars the way first generation fans remember it – and what form the ideal Blu-ray would take.

Friday, 15 December 2017

As Dave Prowse retires: a tribute to the original Darth Vader 

Dave Prowse as Darth Vader

As Dave Prowse, makes his final public appearance this weekend, Episode Nothing considers the legacy of the original Darth Vader.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Episode Nothing: the blog about Star Wars in the 1970s is back

Star Wars the first time around, in 1977

It's been a while, but we're back. 

Episode Nothing, the site about the original, unaltered, 1977 Star Wars, and its first release, has returned, with plenty to say about the movie 40 years on.

If you've been here before, welcome back, and please read on for some details of what's coming up. If you're new, here's what it's all about.