Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Just what the internet needs – another Star Wars blog

Star Wars before it was Episode IV: the original opening crawl

Yes, this is another blog about Star Wars.

But it's about Star Wars the film, not the franchise.

Specifically, it's about the original film as it was in 1977, before it was Episode IV of anything. These were the days when it was just – as the early trailers put it – "the story of a boy,a girl and a universe".

My subject is anything and everything to do with Star Wars as we knew it in the 1970s.

So I'll be discussing the movie, its release, the merchandising, its impact on the world in 1977 and 1978... anything that resonates with those of us who were lucky enough to experience Star Wars the first time around.
Cool: The
Han Solo
pencil case

For example, you might find me one day posting my attempt at an intelligent analysis of the way the critics of 1977 reacted to the film. The next, you might read a slice of autobiography about how cool it was to have a Han Solo pencil case.

This, then, is a blog for anyone who knew Luke Skywalker before Darth Vader was his father.

That said, I hope people of all ages who love the movie will enjoy some of what I have to say. And maybe younger readers will get a better idea of what it was like to be around when one film – made by a shy but strong-willed 33-year-old writer-director – appeared out of nowhere and changed the world.

I am, as you'll have gathered, a first generation fan. I saw Star Wars on its first release in the UK in February 1978. On that rainy Saturday afternoon, Star Wars changed my life the same way it changed the lives of millions of other kids. Like many of those youngsters, I have spent more time in the intervening years watching Star Wars, reading about Star Wars and thinking about Star Wars than could possibly be healthy.

If you've devoted a similarly unhealthy amount of time to doing the same things, then this blog is for you. Please, leave a comment, subscribe – and check back later this week for more about Star Wars on its original release.


john white said...

Thanks so much for telling me about your site. I can't wait to real ALL of it! This really connects with my own childhood experiences.

Kathy Cady said...

It is so refreshing to find your site. I'm with you and have always have been a "first film" fan. I think it is a better film and story than either ESB or ROTJ. I too have also believed that George's special editions have only removed the magic that made Star Wars so wonderful and unique. The special effects in the original release were the pinnacle at the time. They fit the story. They fit the 70's. Making the film "flashier" did nothing to enhance the story or the experience.

I look forward to reading your past articles and to seeing what the future will bring.