Sunday, 2 November 2014

Star Wars Letraset transfers: The fun that never wore off – part two

The front of the second set of Star Wars Letraset
Action Transfers, 'Escape from the Death Star'

My last post looked at Letraset, the British company that invented a massively useful way of getting different fonts onto paper in the 1960s – and which  later found a way to take part in Star Wars mania.

The second of the three original Letraset Action Transfers Star Wars scenes from 1978 was titled 'Escape from the Death Star'.  It showed the action in the Death Star docking bay as Luke and co. battled their way to the Millennium Falcon, while Obi-Wan Kenobi did battle with Darth Vader.

This was possibly the most exciting of the three sets, with plenty of stormtroopers to position around the scene.  

The second Star Wars Letraset scene, as completed
by an 11-year-old some time in 1978 

In fact, with so many of them, blasters in hand, the hardest part was putting them all in positions where they somehow wouldn't manage to shoot any of the principal cast.

Next time: Part three of the set, 'Rebel Air Attack'  and what happened to Letraset.

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