Friday, 16 January 2015

The Star Wars logo: How well do you know it?

The Star Wars logo as
seen in an appealing but
unused poster concept

Last time, I looked at the Star Wars logo, and how a concept created for printed media by designer Suzy Rice ended up being on celluloid.  

I mentioned then how the logo was used in a surprising number of variations, yet remains instantly recognisable.

Here are some examples of just how versatile that text was. Take a look at these various incarnations of the logo, all from 1977-78, and see how if you can identify where they came from.  It helps if you remember the 1970s well. Or are incredibly obsessive.  Or both.  Answers are underneath.












I'm sure marketing experts would tell you these are examples of terribly inconsistent branding, yet somehow that didn't prevent the Star Wars brand from conquering the world.

The answers:

1. The Original Soundtrack LP.
2. Marvel Comics – this one's from issue 3 in the US.
3. The first Star Wars annual from Brown Watson in the UK.
4. The US paperback novel from Ballantine.
5. The action figures from Kenner in the US and Palitoy in the UK.
6. Star Wars stationery from Letraset. (This one's from the scrap book.)
7. The Story of Star Wars LP.
8. The Star Wars Storybook.
9. The Super 8 movie from Ken Films.
10. The Star Wars souvenir program(me). 
11. The UK paperback from Sphere.

And here are the pictures uncropped:

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